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Acceptable Use Policy

Breach of our Acceptable Usage Policy may result in account suspension or termination without refund.

  1. Spam, Warez, Piracy and Illegal Activities. BRD Webhost has a strict Zero Tolerance policy in regards to spamming, unsolicited commercial email, piracy, warez, hacking, hate mongering, and other illegal activity. You agree that you will not use BRD Webhost services for any of those purposes. BRD Webhost reserves the right to terminate accounts which are found to violate this policy, and may involve law enforcement authorities if deemed necessary.
  2. Pornography. Hosting of pornographic material is not permitted. No adult content is to be hosted on BRD Webhost.
  3. Child Pornography: BRD Webhost will immediately terminate any account found to contain child pornography with no refund. All personal information of the account holder and evidence will be turned over to the authorities. BRD Webhost will cooperate fully with law enforcement.
  4. Harassment. Use of BRD webhost services, whether hosting or email services for any form of harassment is prohibited. Threats are included as a form of harassment.
  5. Hacking: For the purpose of this policy, “hacking” includes all forms of hacking, denial of service attacks, spoofing attempts, phishing, and sniffing. Any account found to be involved in hacking will be terminated without refund. Law enforcement may be contacted in some cases.
  6. Server Use: Hosting services are to be used for website and email hosting only. No file sharing/torrent/sharing/p2p applications are allowed. Streaming of audio/video is prohibited. Use of server space as storage is not permitted.
  7. Resource use: Resource use should not exceed 7% of the CPU in any given 21 day period. Warnings will be issued and suggestions made to reasonably assist in rectifying the problem. Failure of the client to correct the problem will result in the account being terminated. Cron jobs can be no more frequent than every 15 minutes and cannot cause excessive resource usage.
  8. Cancellation of service by client. The client shall notify BRD Webhost in writing in the event they wish to request cancellation of service. Hosting plan accounts will be eligible for a prorated refund for the remaining portion of the service term, minus an administration fee of $25.00 (+ tax where applicable). Site design + hosting accounts are not eligible for refund due to the nature of the service provided up front.
  9. Client responsibility. Clients are responsible for their own files. While BRD Webhost does full site backups, which may potentially be used to help restore lost data, this is offered with no guarantee. Any restoration of sites from backup will be subject to a service fee of $75.00 plus tax which is payable in advance of restoration.
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